Måns Söderbom

Professor of Economics (Head of Department) 

University of Gothenburg

Google Scholar citations: 3,563 (since 2010: 1,843)

Repec/IDEAS top 5% author (citations, discounted by cit. age)


Google Scholar profile here , IDEAS here, ResearchGate here, LinkedIn here.Contact: mans.soderbom 'at'





  • My paper on trade liberalization and productivtiy in Ethiopia (with Bigsten & Gebreeyesus), available  here , has been accepted for publication in Journal of Development Studies. 
  • My paper on the cost of road infrastructure in low income countries (with Collier & Kirchberger) has been accepted for publication in the World Bank Economic Review.  
  • My paper , 'is small beautiful?' (with John Page), forthcoming in African Development Review.
  • My paper on road infrastructure and firm dynamics in Ethiopia (with Shiferaw, Siba & Alemu) has been accepted for publication in Journal of Development Studies. 
  • Textbook:Empirical Development 


  • Updated: October, 2015.