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Advanced Industrial Organization 1



Lecture Notes








Lecture notes

Identification of demand functions (Jan 25, 2011)

Spillovers from Research and Development: Empirics (Feb 24, 2011)

Additional material

Deriviation: labor coefficient = cost share of labor. Click here .

Answer to question on page 48 in notes on R&D spillovers. Click here .


Keller, W. (2002) "Geographic Localization of International Technology Diffusion". American Economic Review 92(1): pp. 120-142. Link here .

Griffith, Rachel, Rupert Harrison and John Van Reenen (2006). "How special is the special relationship: Using the impact of U.S. R&D spillovers on UK firms as a test of technology sourcing," American Economic Review 96(5), 1859-1875. Link here .

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